About Us

【CJC Technology Inc.】established in May 2020. The company was established as an independent company, and its operating headquarter
established in Taipei, Taiwan. It is a professional agent company that sells domestic and foreign semiconductor components, active and passive electronic components, and is deeply involved in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The main market applications include Power supply, Automotive, Computer,
Consumer, Networking and Industrial electronic products. Its sales and service industries cover domestic and foreign information electronics industry,
High-end and server power supply, Electric vehicle industry, Green Energy Industrial, LED and Lighting industry, Traditional industries, Networking and
other peripheral markets.

【CJC Technology Inc.】Provide core electronic components in new energy products, including IGBT, MOSFET, DECRETE, Rectifier, SiC Diode, SiC
MOSFET, GaN HEMT, Power Module, Sensor, Control IC… and other key semiconductor components, and also provide Capacitors, Sensors and
Filters, etc., provide key components for all aspects of power conversion.

【CJC Technology Inc.】 has a professional sales and engineering team that can provide customers with correct, high-efficiency and economical
component solutions to help customers in product design leading the industry. In the fields of Telecom Power supply, UPS, Electric Power supply, inverter,
welding machine, wind/solar power, SVG, Networking…etc., we have mature and leading component solutions, which can effectively and reduce the time
for engineers to select semiconductor components and shorten Product development cycle. There are many products and sufficient stock is one of our
advantages. Whether it is a multinational enterprise or a domestic customer, we can get fast, reliable and professional service.

【CJC Technology Inc.】Agents include: 

customers include famous Power Supply, Networking products, NB &

Industrial control…etc. IPO Company, Providing a full range of services, is the
preferred supplier of electronic components industry.

【CJC Technology Inc.】Adhere to create value with customers, seamlessly integrate the upstream and downstream supply chain, in addition to
continuous supply of components, and provide technology, market trends, customer demand information and logistics support and other services to help
customers accelerate the development of the market Demand products, provide high value-added collaborative design services, and become a
strategic partner for global operations and local services. In addition, facing the shortage of electronic materials and urgent orders.

【CJC Technology Inc.】can take advantage of short delivery time and great flexibility, stable and long-term customer partners, solve customer shortages
and production line disconnection crisis, and help customers consolidate their market position.