Dongguan Chengxi Electronics Co., Ltd. (DGCX) products conform to the GB standard of the People’s Republic of China and the IEC standard of the International Electrotechnical Commission. Among them, the safety regulations Y1, Y2, X2 capacitors have passed the certification of China CQC, US/Canada CUL, Germany VDE, EU ENEC, South Korea KC and so on. The environmental protection indicators of the products meet the requirements of ROHS, REACH, and halogen-free environmental protection directives. . Dongguan Chengxi Electronics Co., Ltd. (DGCX) products are widely used in various fields such as instrumentation, small household appliances, LED green lighting, communication lines, power supplies, automotive electronics and industrial control.

Dongguan Chengxi Electronics Co., Ltd. (DGCX) is based on the concept of respecting knowledge and talents, focusing on the global market, and relying on excellent quality and service to provide our customers with a service concept that exceeds expectations. Assist the terminal to do four things: “reasonable selection, reasonable application, reasonable saving, and complete support”.