SPNICE is based on sales of over-voltage and over-current protection device and diodes、MOSFET and other passive components for the main business of the supplier.

As members of the SPSEMI its brand,SPNICE also increasingly transient ray electronic adhere to the “steady and essence of” product concept,is committed to the forefront,to provide customers the best quality device.Companies relying on SPSEMI platform,have special test lab in shenzhen,can provide customers with electrostatic,surge (1.2/50、8/20&10/700、8/20, etc.),lightning strike,ISO7637-5 a test.In addition to the above hardware equipment,laboratory is equipped with special detailed FAE provides guidance for the customer’s test points put forward improvement opinion to the client.

In addition to a large number of companies that have rich experience in the industry good employees,management team has collected various industries,the elite talents in various fields.In a positive and open attitude,fully resources docking and exchange with industry chain parties, through integration of industry resources widely and exchange, the depth of cooperation,to form the situation of “win-win partners all over the world and the future”.

The company’s products are widely used military-industrial complex,communication, lightning protection,automotive electronics,meters,security monitoring,industrial products and consumer electronics。All products meet relevant national testing standards and requirements and IEC, FCC and other international standards。In view of the safety devices we have obtained UL,VDE, along with all the SGS unleaded series such as green environmental protection certification。